Delivery Information



Shipping rates are based on your location and calculated accordingly in increments of 1 kg upwards, this is automatically worked out at checkout.


Postage rates are now very expensive in the UK and courier charges are going up in price on a daily basis.


Hence delivery charges made are not controlled by League9.


If you order more than one item the postage increases not only because the package is heavier but also the actual size of the parcel increases this then causes the delivery service to invoke a charge called volumetric weight.


Another factor to be considered is if we include more than one item in the parcel the content value increases so we have to pay more for the insurance and the need for a signature and tracking information.


High price items are sent Special Delivery signed for, UK only,otherwise we choose the most effective method of getting the parcel to you,this could be Air Sure or air Mail or DHL UPS or other courier.