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Glass Dildo Usage
Glass Dildo Usage - 29/03/2013
COULD A GLASS DILDO BREAK ON INSERTION/USAGE? The simple answer to this is NO! It is highly unlikely!! We only stock quality borosilicate glass dildos that wont shatter like ordinary glass. Our inventory of glass dildos can take severe punishment, however if you drop your glass dildo from a great height it could break but importantly the break would be obvious and no small chips would occur without your detection. If in the unlikely event you do accidentally break or chip your gla..
Cleaning and maintaining your glass dildo sex toy is easy peezy! We recommend the following:- 1) You can clean your glass dildo using a sex toy cleaner. 2) A glass dildo can be cleaned by simply washing it in soapy water (washing up liquid). 3) Glass dildos are tough and can withstand extreme temperature ranges so they are capable of being cleaned in a dishwasher! 4) We advise that if you haven't used your glass dildo/sex toy in a while that you rinse it in warm water befo..
Glass Dildos
Glass Dildos - 29/03/2013
WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GLASS DILDO VARIATIONS The real beauty of purchasing a glass dildo sex toy from is that you know that you're getting a quality hand crafted piece of sexual glass art. Let us stress here that no two glass dildos are identical which is the beauty behind owning one of our premium quality glass dildo sex toys. We simply don't stock anything other than superior hand blown crafted glass dildo phallic replicators that take their craftsmen many hours to f..
Why Are Glass Dildos So Popular?
WHY ARE GLASS DILDOS SO POPULAR THESE DAYS? From our extensive knowledge gained over the years of working in this industry we believe that there are 10 main reasons why glass dildos are so popular:- 1) Glass dildos are very hygienic given that they are chemical, odour and fluid resistant. 2) Glass dildos are very easy to clean. 3) Glass dildos provide a lifetime of usage. 4) Glass dildos are perfect for G-Spot stimulation. 5) Glass dildos can be warmed and cooled, ulti..
Sex Toys For Couples
It is common in many relationships to find that one person enjoys using sex toys, with the other not showing much of an interest. Over the years research has shown that men want to use sex toys more than women and although this is a little hard to believe, it is a fact that more males have the desire to use sex toys in their sex life than women. This fact makes more sense when you consider that women are much more emotional beings than men, so when a sex toy is introduced to the bedroom..
Dispelling The Myths About Sex Toys
The Truth About Sex Toys!!!! To begin with let’s dismiss the myth that people who use sex toys are dirty minded perverted individuals who don’t enjoy much of a sex life. If truth be known the people who hold such views are usually the ones that are experiencing bedroom problems and suffer from a dull sex life themselves! Over the last couple of decades it has been proven that the use of sex toys has increased dramatically, this is apparently because we are all becoming much more liber..
Sex Toy History
Sex Toy History - 27/11/2012
Tips On Using Sex Toys Both men and women irrespective of age, colour and size have been using sex toys to enhance their masturbation experience for hundreds of years; today sex toys are increasingly being used by couples to aid and enhance their bedroom activities. Over the course of the last few centuries, many different objects have been used as sex toys these include bananas, cucumbers, polished wooden items and in modern times household objects like hair/tooth brushes are used as sex..