Leather Braided Whip Two Tails

Leather Braided Whip Two Tails
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Check out this original hand braided quality bespoke leather whip its cracking!!

This long whip is a colourful red and black leather stinger that is very popular on the BDSM scene.

With its elasticised punchy recoil and two stinging tails this whip has a wonderful feel and swerving agility that enables the user to aim with maximum accuracy! POW ;-)

To further emphasise the quality of this super whip it also has leather extensions (fall) on the terminus of its tails!!

The snake tongue like tail ends are constructed from black leather, and if you desire you can cut these tails to your requirements-Our Slave Designer team however think this whip performs much better with the tails left intact!!


The overall length of this premier quality whip is fifty one inches long which includes the snake tongue extensions and decorated braided handle.

The two tails measure 12 inches each.

This whip is hand crafted and constructed from top quality leather hide.

This is a very rare chance to acquire and own a real whip that will impress and distress your circle of friends!!

Our SLAVE Department have tried this whip out and have confirmed that with a little practice and perseverance the whip master will command serious respect!!

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