Fork Tongue Leather Whip

Fork Tongue Leather Whip
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The Fork Tongue Leather Braided Whip is a short thrashing punisher of a whip that is easy to control and discipline with.

Made from quality liquorice black leather hide originating from the mountainous regions of Switzerland its design and shape permits a perfect vice like grip for ultimate stability and control.

What sets this stinger apart from other leather whips are the three braided fork tongue tails made from blood red leather that wisp as they travel through the air!

This leather whip is 44 inches long with an additional 24 inches of rasping length being provided by the red fork tails.

The Fork Tongue leather whip has a strong leather wrist strap that is attached at the handle which also allows the whip to be hung and displayed like the piece of erotic art it really is :-)

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