Leather Spanking Paddle Extreme Studs

Leather Spanking Paddle Extreme Studs
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Take a look at this brutal heavy leather, solid dome studded punishment quality leather spanking paddle.


This leather spanker is approximately twelve inches long, three and a half inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick.

The spanking paddle itself has been constructed form heavy duty belting hide leather and has sewn edges and a hanging strap.

This power studded leather punisher has been designed to make your sub take notice, just one swinging slap will cause a severe reaction making them stand to attention.

The studded side of this stinger gives a really quiet punch on impact without any bounce back but the reverse plain leather shiny surface gives an almighty crack!

This Leather Spanking Paddle has a synthetic stiffener sewn into its body which enables it to be controlled with ultimate ease; this facilitates an awesome impact that can be delivered on varying levels of sweet sadistic play!

Another must have leather chastisement implement from League9's SLAVE Designer collection.

This studded spanking paddle is a bespoke item exclusively made for Leauge9 customers; no two are identical!

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